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Dispatches from Europe: Getting tough on food waste

19 September 2016 – Food waste has become an increasingly hot topic in recent months and for good reason. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), about one-third of all food produced in the world for human consumption – approximately 1.3 billion metric tons – ends up as waste each year. In […]

Building a Recycling Guideline in Ontario

This August, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) posted a Notice of Intent to work on the development of a new guideline, SPE750 — Recycling Process, Audit and Verification Guideline for Ontario. These guidelines will be a warm welcome by those in the waste management industry who for years have been frustrated by insufficient recycling standards and minimal enforcement. As it currently stands, […]

The New Eco-Currency (2008)

As a waste management consultant, rarely do I come across another consultant’s report that not only delights and excites, but compels me to promote, disseminate, and speak-out about its findings. Such was the case several months ago when Dr. Jeffery Morris of Sound Resource Management, based in the State of Washington, responded to my request […]

Eco-Economic Savings from Composting (2008)

Economic Savings for Composting

Finally, an end to the diversion debate Today more than ever before, lifecycle assessments (“LCAs”) are being used to measure the true environmental impact of products and processes from cradle to grave. LCAs have become the primary tool to assess the environmental efficiency of one system versus another. However, the results of LCAs are generally […]

Composting — Best Bang for MSW Management Buck (2008)

FOR many years, life cycle analyses of end-of-life management practices have been available for allof the basic recyclables as well as organics. The life cycle data, usually derived by the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency’s WAste Reduction Model (WARM), represents the net greenhouse gasimpact of recycling, landfilling or incinerating a variety of material streams. The model calculatesemissions […]