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Deposit Return: How it Works

If we look internationally—Europe, US, Canada, Middle East, China, and Australia—massive efforts are underway to introduce or expand existing programs, as governments recognize deposit-return as a modern solution to litter caused by single-use bottles and cans as well as far superior recycling rates. New laws have received much public support, and most respondents to public […]

Clarissa Morawski discusses Circular Economy on The Agenda

As the European Commission considers its legislative package to deal with waste and de-carbonization, Clarissa Morawski talks about Circular Economy and how it can improve our lives.

Clarissa Morawski – Managing Director of Reloop

As CM Consulting approaches its 18th year in business, Clarissa Morawski, Principal of the company, takes on the most challenging task to date and focuses her energy and experience in waste reduction policy on Europe. 

CM Consulting comments on household battery recycling definition

California’s AB 488 offers an eroded definition of recycling which presents a dangerous slippery slope. Click here for our comments.   

Battery Boost – Curbside battery pick-up success in Durham and Niagara

Feb/March 2013 of Solid Waste Management Magazine published a short article about recent battery collection pilots in Durham and Niagara regions. batteries-curbsideSWRMag.pdf

The New Eco-Currency (2008)

As a waste management consultant, rarely do I come across another consultant’s report that not only delights and excites, but compels me to promote, disseminate, and speak-out about its findings. Such was the case several months ago when Dr. Jeffery Morris of Sound Resource Management, based in the State of Washington, responded to my request […]

Embodied Energy (2006)

Embodied Energy

We can’t measure the impact of solid waste unless we study the energy we throw away. Waste discussions have traditionally focused on the back-end management of garbage: the significant economic and environmental implications of finding safe disposal sites, for example. But the obvious often escapes us — that garbage is made up of basic materials […]