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E-waste Management in Canada – Shortcomings and Opportunities for Improvement

With the recent closing of Sims Recycling Solutions throughout Canada, this is a good time to take stock of how Canadians manage e-waste. This article was written after several of research work on the management of e-waste in Canada by the team at CM Consulting. It serves as an important summary of what is currently […]

WEEE are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Every September, I face a new class of third-year Environmental Resource Science students at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. The course title is “Waste Management.” My very first lecture is always the same: it starts with how we measure waste. It may seem simple, but the various measurements used for waste and recycling require careful […]

CM Consulting comments on household battery recycling definition

California’s AB 488 offers an eroded definition of recycling which presents a dangerous slippery slope. Click here for our comments.   

Canada Takes Charge – E-Scrap News on Canadian Battery Report

As electronics become increasingly mobile, batteries are becoming an increasingly significant portion of the e-scrap stream. Several canadian provinces have implemented stewardship programs, but how far do they go, and how effective are they at managing batteries? Click here for full article

CM talks batteries in Solid Waste & Recycling Mag

In the June/July 2012 edition of Solid Waste and Recycling Magazine, Clarissa Morawski presents key findings from the recently released Managing Canada’s Waste Batteries 2012, which covers a broad range of issues associated with portable battery collection and recycling in Canada. For the article click here: June/July 2012 SWRMag For the report click here: Managing Canada’s Waste Batteries 2012    

Battery Recycling Boost – CM Consulting releases study reviewing battery recycling programs across Canada

May 16, 2012, Peterborough, Ontario – New producer responsibility laws that regulate portable battery collection and recycling have been in place in British Columbia and Ontario since 2010 and in Manitoba since 2011. Quebec’s program will commence this summer. Transparency and clarity on the performance of these new initiatives are critical to understanding the differences, […]

Mercury Madness (2004)

Mercury Madness

Perhaps Lewis Carroll was referring to the twinkle of mercury used for hat production in the 1800s, which led to the Hatter’s ultimate madness. Mercury use dates back to 4,500 BC when Egyptians and Chinese used it as a pigment to paint their tombs and preserve their dead. Since then humans have used this unique […]