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Is Access Everything?

7 February 2017 – “If you build it, they will come.” Over the years, this classic line from “Field of Dreams” has been applied to business thinking again and again, and when it comes to recycling, the “build it” mantra has in many ways summed up the industry’s strategy over the last 25 years. The […]

Clarissa Morawski – Managing Director of Reloop

As CM Consulting approaches its 18th year in business, Clarissa Morawski, Principal of the company, takes on the most challenging task to date and focuses her energy and experience in waste reduction policy on Europe. 

The Evolving Ton

In May 2014, in an effort to better forecast and prepare for future tonnages and material types, and to target communication and education for the program in the future, the City of Calgary commissioned CM Consulting, Kelleher Environmental and Sound Resource Management to study the factors that are influencing the downward trend in recycling. Key […]

A Look at Access to Recycling in USA

With the proliferation of recycling programs for packaging and paper across North America, the need for meaningful performance measurements has become increasingly important, not only for municipal and state governments, but for manufacturers and retailers of packaged food and consumer goods as well. Clarissa Morawski, Principal, CM Consulting provides a concise status report on Access […]

Latest Beverage Container Recycling Rate from the US

This month, The Container Recycling Institute (CRI) released its latest set of recycling data which focuses on beverage containers. CRI has been closely monitoring beverage container recycling using the most comprehensive set of return/recycling data on a State by State basis, as well as sales which is carefully sourced by beverage and material type on […]

Single Stream vs Dual Stream – Getting the Facts

This article published in Resource Recycling magazine provides the latest information in single stream collection measured against dual stream (or “two-stream”) recycling collection systems. Nate Silver, in his recent best-seller “The Signal and the Noise – Why so many predictions fail but some don’t,” in describing the cost to society of failed predictions due to a […]

Canadian Plastics Industry Association releases CM Consulting Access to Recycling report

NEW STUDY SHOWS MORE THAN 95 PERCENT OF CANADIANS CAN RECYCLE THEIR PLASTIC BOTTLES AND MOST OTHER RIGID PLASTICS Toronto, ON, April 2, 2012 – In the newly updated Residential Recycling Access for Consumer Plastic Packaging, February 2012, prepared for the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) by CM Consulting, findings show that an increasing number of  […]

Newsprint on the Orient Express – 2011

Each year, Ontario municipalities collect just under 500,000 tonnes of printed paper for recycling. Newsprint, magazines, catalogues, phone books and household paper comprise more than half the total weight of all blue box recyclables collected. The volumes are significant, and are worth over $40 millionin the marketplace. For years the recycled fibres were used by […]

Understanding economic and environmental impacts of single-stream collection systems

impacts of single stream recycling

In 2009, the Container Recycling Institute undertook a study on the impacts of single-stream collection of residential recyclables, with a particular focus on the economic and environmental impacts of this collection method on the final material sent to end-markets for recycling. The past decade has experienced a significant increase in packaging generation. At the same […]

Single Stream Uncovered (2010)

Over the past decade, hundreds of communities throughout North America have shifted their municipal recycling collection program from a dualor multi-stream approach to one that commingles recyclables into one container, due mainly to the convenience factor for residents and costs savings for the local government. However, though municipalities may be switching collection schemes in droves, […]