The New Garbage Reality

Clarissa Morawski on The Agenda with Steve Paikin:
The new Garbage Reality

Single Stream Recycling — November 2008

A discussion of the implications of single-stream collection with a focus on quality issues. The impact on recyclability of single-stream collected glass is used as an example.

Pay as You Throw — November 2008

Waste reduction is easy when one uses the tools offered.

Packaging Stewardship — November 2008

The coffee cup debate. Who should take responsibility for coffee cups and lids?

Packaging Stewardship 2 — November 2008

Exploring the possibilities of good public policy for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR); and how it can lead to innovative waste reduction programs. Improving dismal beverage container recycling rates. Plastic water bottles, away from home consumption, and deposit return are discussed.

The Economics of Recycling — November 2008

Clarissa discusses the impact of the 2008 economic crash on recycling. The focus is on how markets reacted.

The Beer Store — November 2008

Clarissa discusses Ontario’s refillable beer bottle; and deposit return.