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Dispatches from Europe: Is Brexit bad news for an evolving industry?

27 July 2016 – Last month’s decision by U.K. voters to withdraw from the European Union has generated a lot of questions over the potential impact on jobs, the economy and trade within the U.K. But for those in the U.K. waste management sector, the greatest concern is the potential impact of Brexit on both national and […]

Dispatches from Europe: Circular Economy Explained

15 March 2016 – In the first of a series of columns digging into the details of sustainability and materials recovery abroad, Clarissa explains how the European Commission is legislating the circular economy and what it means for the recycling industry. Read the article in Resource Recycling magazine here.

Monetize the eco-externalities

On September 9th, 2015, Clarissa Morawski, Managing Director of the Reloop Platform ( had the opportunity to join fellow ISWA (International Solid Waste Association) bloggers Ranjith Annepu (Waste Wise), Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola (WeCyclers), Rob Buurman (Bond Beter Leefmilieu), and Zoë Lenkiewicz (communications and business developmentconsultant) on stage in the final conference session. Clarissa reflected on the […]

Clarissa Morawski – Managing Director of Reloop

As CM Consulting approaches its 18th year in business, Clarissa Morawski, Principal of the company, takes on the most challenging task to date and focuses her energy and experience in waste reduction policy on Europe. 

The Evolving Ton

In May 2014, in an effort to better forecast and prepare for future tonnages and material types, and to target communication and education for the program in the future, the City of Calgary commissioned CM Consulting, Kelleher Environmental and Sound Resource Management to study the factors that are influencing the downward trend in recycling. Key […]

A Look at Access to Recycling in USA

With the proliferation of recycling programs for packaging and paper across North America, the need for meaningful performance measurements has become increasingly important, not only for municipal and state governments, but for manufacturers and retailers of packaged food and consumer goods as well. Clarissa Morawski, Principal, CM Consulting provides a concise status report on Access […]

Tracking Recycling Access in Canada

As recycling stewardship evolves in Canada, so too does the need to measure the success of various programs. Diversion rates and recycling rates are primary key performance indicators (KPIs), but other information can also offer insight into the strengths and weaknesses of a particular program. In the case of packaging waste, which is generally collected by individual municipalities or regional […]

Building a Recycling Guideline in Ontario

This August, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) posted a Notice of Intent to work on the development of a new guideline, SPE750 — Recycling Process, Audit and Verification Guideline for Ontario. These guidelines will be a warm welcome by those in the waste management industry who for years have been frustrated by insufficient recycling standards and minimal enforcement. As it currently stands, […]

Introducing Recycling Access Rates in Canada

  Knowing the percentage of Canadians that have access to recycling programs that accept your product’s packaging is critical. Identifying where and who has access to recycling is invaluable information as brandowners and suppliers consider packaging design and labeling.  Corporations and industry groups are working with municipalities and recycling companies to improve the availability of recycling […]

Newsprint on the Orient Express – 2011

Each year, Ontario municipalities collect just under 500,000 tonnes of printed paper for recycling. Newsprint, magazines, catalogues, phone books and household paper comprise more than half the total weight of all blue box recyclables collected. The volumes are significant, and are worth over $40 millionin the marketplace. For years the recycled fibres were used by […]