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Making the Switch: The Business Case for Reusable Packaging

With growing environmental awareness worldwide and ever rising shipping costs, an increasing number of businesses are exploring ways to reduce their transport packaging. One solution for achieving this objective is to make the switch to reusables. We wanted to learn more about how companies in Europe and beyond are benefitting from reusable transport packaging, and […]

Policy Instruments to Promote Refillable Beverage Containers

19 July 2016 – Refillable beverage containers have an important role to play in the circular economy. Aside from the environmental benefits, refillable systems offer tremendous economic benefits in terms of material cost savings and job creation, which are multiplied with each refill. Despite these benefits, the market share of beverages in refillable packaging has […]

Reloop launched

March 25th marked the official launch of Reloop, the first pan-euro organization specifically focused on issues relating to waste prevention, reduction, and recycling that represents industry, government, and environmental organizations at the European Union level. Founded by like-minded interests who share a common vision for a circular economy, Reloop aims to work as a platform for advances in policy that […]

New Study on Reuse and Recycling Systems for Selected Beverage Packaging from a Sustainability Perpsective

A study just released by PricewaterhouseCoopers AG WPG in Germany assesses the existing systems for collecting and recycling beverage containers in Germany from a social, economic, and ecological viewpoint. It shows that for beverage containers, deposit-return systems are preferable to green-dot systems (industry-financed curbside collection) in that deposit-return systems acheive higher collection rates, create more jobs, […]

RVM: Reverse Vending Machines — Beverage Container Recycling (2009)

Reverse Vending Machines

Reverse vending machines arrive… at last! “The age of automation is going to be the age of ‘do it yourself,” wrote Marshall McLuhan. Today we don’t think twice about using a bank machine, automated parking attendant, airport check-in, and self check-out at retail stores. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that machines designed for empty bottle […]