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Dispatches from Europe: The uncertain future of waste-to-energy

21 February 2017 – Anyone engaged in waste-reduction policy has surely witnessed the intense debate that has been raging for decades around the notion of burning municipal solid waste to create power. Active lobby groups around the world regularly campaign for additional incineration capacity, citing the importance of reducing waste to landfill and finding ways […]

Environmental Groups Criticize German Government for Reducing the EU Recycling Quotas

Note: The following press release was issued jointly by The Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU), Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND), Environmental Action Germany (DUH), and the umbrella organization German League for Nature, Animal and Environment Protection (DNR). To see the original press release, click here.  Joint Press Release  Environmental organisations criticise the German government for […]

Dispatches from Europe: Getting tough on food waste

19 September 2016 – Food waste has become an increasingly hot topic in recent months and for good reason. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), about one-third of all food produced in the world for human consumption – approximately 1.3 billion metric tons – ends up as waste each year. In […]

Dispatches from Europe: Is Brexit bad news for an evolving industry?

27 July 2016 – Last month’s decision by U.K. voters to withdraw from the European Union has generated a lot of questions over the potential impact on jobs, the economy and trade within the U.K. But for those in the U.K. waste management sector, the greatest concern is the potential impact of Brexit on both national and […]

Dispatches from Europe: Why Container Deposit Systems are Gaining Ground

29 June 2016 – Since being introduced to the market, single-use beverage containers have caused much debate – both in the beverage industry and among politicians and the public. A simple question sits at the center of the arguing: What’s the most efficient way to collect beverage containers for high-quality recycling? Though there are many who continue to […]

Dispatches from Europe: A Rush of Regulations on Plastic Bags

2 June 2016 – An iconic symbol of our linear, throwaway economy, single-use plastic bags are a major source of environmental pollution, especially in marine environments where animals are often injured or killed after becoming entangled or ingesting plastic bags mistaken for food. According to the European Commission, an estimated 100 billion plastic carrier bags […]

Dispatches from Europe: Why revamping recycling measurement is no simple task

10 May 2016 – This second column in Resource Recycling’s monthly Dispatches from Europe series takes a closer look at the EU’s calculation methodology for recycling and reuse targets. EU member states can currently calculate their recycling rates using four different methods, each at different stages of the recycling process. This makes it impossible to […]

Dispatches from Europe: Circular Economy Explained

15 March 2016 – In the first of a series of columns digging into the details of sustainability and materials recovery abroad, Clarissa explains how the European Commission is legislating the circular economy and what it means for the recycling industry. Read the article in Resource Recycling magazine here.

Looking Ahead: A Closer look at Targets in Europe’s Circular Economy Package

18 May 2016 – In December of last year, the European Commission released its long-awaited Circular Economy Package (CEP), a package of actions and legislative amendments intended to stimulate Europe’s transition to a stronger and more circular economy. This follows the Commission’s withdrawal of the original CEP in December 2014, with the promise to put forward […]

EPR: The Cornerstone of a Circular Economy

18 May 2016 – Over the last few years, the concept of “circular economy” has gained increased momentum and attention, becoming a buzzword in policy and business circles around the world. A characteristic feature of the circular economy is that natural resources are not disposed of or depleted, but are instead kept in use for […]