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Deposit Return: How it Works

If we look internationally—Europe, US, Canada, Middle East, China, and Australia—massive efforts are underway to introduce or expand existing programs, as governments recognize deposit-return as a modern solution to litter caused by single-use bottles and cans as well as far superior recycling rates. New laws have received much public support, and most respondents to public […]

CM Consulting Releases Global Overview of Deposit Return Systems

Press Release 31 May 2017 – As the problem of marine litter has steadily grown worse, there has been renewed interest in deposit return for the recovery of single-use beverage containers. Deposit return systems (DRS) are a proven tool to collect high quantities of empty beverage containers for reuse and high-quality recycling, and are vital to achieving […]

Q&A with Clarissa Morawski: Interview with Recupera Magazine

Last month, Clarissa sat down for an interview with Recupera Magazine to discuss her ideas on the circular economy, and what she would do, as Managing Director of Reloop, to improve the EU’s Circular Economy Package. To read a full transcript of the interview (available in Spanish only), click here.

Reloop: Vision of a Circular Economy

In the final months of the European Commission’s deliberations over their new Circular Economy Package, Reloop is actively engaged in the consultation process, working with stakeholders to clearly articulate the kinds of legislative changes needed propel a shift from a linear to a more circular economy.

Clarissa Morawski – Managing Director of Reloop

As CM Consulting approaches its 18th year in business, Clarissa Morawski, Principal of the company, takes on the most challenging task to date and focuses her energy and experience in waste reduction policy on Europe. 

Reloop launched

March 25th marked the official launch of Reloop, the first pan-euro organization specifically focused on issues relating to waste prevention, reduction, and recycling that represents industry, government, and environmental organizations at the European Union level. Founded by like-minded interests who share a common vision for a circular economy, Reloop aims to work as a platform for advances in policy that […]